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Stars Hollow Gazebo


Inspired by the popular TV show, Gilmore Girls, I propose a set based on the Stars Hollow town square's gazebo. This is a central location for many crucial scenes throughout the show. It is even where the first episode of the Netflix revival began. Gilmore Girls fans everywhere will recognise this iconic structure. In this build I have used a fall setting, during the harvest celebrations. 

You can see Rory reading a book; Kirk being reprimanded by Taylor for not raking the leaves; Sookie taking baby Davy for a walk, and Jackson delivering his produce to the square for decorations. Lorelai and Luke are discussing remodel plans with Tom the contractor, and Miss Patty is overseeing a ballet rehearsal in the gazebo. Of course the scene wouldn't be complete without the official town troubadour near the town sign.

Other characters that could be included are Lane, Jess, Babette and Gypsy. Throughout the series the gazebo takes on a life of its own and lends itself to many memorable character interactions. 

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