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Lego A-Team Van

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We are two days away from the next milestone and nowhere near close to making it to 5000 votes.

To those who supported, commented, and helped to spread the word: thank you.

While I started this project and campaign with enthusiasm, much has happened in the world to take my heart out of championing it.

There are more compelling causes we should be fighting and raising awareness for.

Lego will always be a personal refuge and comfort, as well as outlet for creativity. Thank you.

1,000 supporters! Shout out to the other A-Team Lego Ideas projects


Origins and Design Process


This Lego A-Team Van Ideas project has come a long way. Below is a Lego Digital Designer (LDD) screenshot from early on in the design process. The version used to launch this Lego Ideas project hardly bears any resemblance to these humble beginnings. When designing, I use the Extended mode, where all the pieces are red until you recolor them. Usually I will "sketch" out a basic design using bricks, then keep refining. Each time I make a change, I make a copy of the model, so I can go back to the previous one, or compare them side by side. When LDD starts getting slow, I will delete the copies, and start the process over from the most recent iteration.

The above screenshot was about one week into the design process. Originally the van was going to be 6-wide. Then I had a change of heart and decided to make it 8-wide, so minifigs could sit side-by-side. By making it 8-wide, I pretty much had to start from scratch, but it opened up lots of new possibilities, including room for the double-hinged door mechanisms, a more accurate looking front grill, and better design of the roof lights. Changes to the 8-wide model were happening so quickly, I forgot to take more screenshots. Three weeks later, the Lego A-Team Van Ideas project was ready for its debut.

In the almost-final version, the visor was not part of the removable front roof panel. (That panel is removed in the above screenshot, hence roof lights are not visible.) I made a few more design changes after receiving the parts from, and I actually started building it. The final changes are present in the LDD instructions download.

"I mustache you a question"


"Can eyebrows your computer?"

AMY: "Face, while we're waiting for B.A. to fix the van, can you tell our fans why you have a mustache? And why the rest of us seem to have yellow skin?"

FACE: "Sure thing, Amy. The project designer really liked the eyebrows on this... er... face, even though it also had a mustache. But I did have a mustache in the A-Team episode called 'Double Heat,' so it's not totally inaccurate. I even had a similar suit. As for the yellow, the designer didn't have appropriate looking flesh-toned parts, and had to make do with what was at hand. We'll probably all be flesh-toned in the official Lego version. Hopefully I get to keep these sweet eyebrows, but lose the mustache."

AMY: "Thanks, Face. That's it for now. Murdock said his dog peed in the van."

B.A.: "What?! Murdock, you crazy foo'! There's no dog on that leash! I'm gonna kill you!"

HANNIBAL: "500 supporters. This plan is starting to come together.", real vans, more thank you!


Over 300 supporters within the first six days! Aaaah!!! So exciting! With so many great projects on Lego Ideas, I really appreciate you all taking the time to support and follow the Lego A-Team Van. Let's keep going! With your help, hopefully everyone will have a chance to own their very own Lego A-Team Van!

To make it easier to spread the word, the domain has been purchased and now points to this Lego Ideas project page. Please share it with your friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and pets! (It's a lot easier to type than

Last, but not least, here are a couple of real-life A-Team vans. You never know when one of them might be rolling through your neighborhood...

B.A.: "I can feel it, Hannibal. This crazy plan might just work."

Thank you! 100 supporters in the first two days!


100 supporters reached! Thank you! That gives us an extra 365 days to get to 1,000 supporters. We're off to a great start, but it'll be a long road ahead. Please share and spread the word about this project to anyone who likes Lego, the A-Team, 1980's TV shows, or even just sweet, sweet custom vans.

Thank you again for all your kindness, support, and feedback!

PS Be sure to check out and support all the other great projects on the Lego Ideas site. 

PPS If you do not know much about the A-Team, check out

Or listen to the theme song

Hannibal is starting to feel the Jazz... and there is a twinkle in B.A.'s eye (or is that just a reflection off of his jewelry?)