Product Idea

Blue Bull

Blue Bull is an air-racing propeller-powered blazing-fast single-seat plane, ready to take on and dominate any challenge set upon it! The plane got its name for its main color, which is decorated by longitudinal white stripes on its body and wings.

Provided photographs display an actual model built out of 401 genuine LEGO bricks. Blue Bull is 28.7 centimeters long (11.3 inches), its wingspan is 30.7 centimeters (12.1 inches), it weighs 263 grams (9.3 ounces) and its top speed is just over 400 km/h (over 250 mph)! A single pilot can sit in the comfortable cockpit and take control of the plane any time.

Blue Bull has a sleek aerodynamic design, so it can easily pierce clouds and get ahead of its peers! Plane’s nose, wings and tail are connected at a slight angle. Sideways and top-down building techniques are implemented to achieve the appropriate design of the nose and tail. Nose has a smooth narrowing shape towards the propeller, while tail also narrows towards the endpoint. Main wings also have a slanted design – rear line of the main wings is angled in two points, contributing to the overall appealing shape and leaving enough room for the front landing gear. Front landing gear can be deployed or retracted, but rear landing gear is fixed.

The cockpit is located right above the landing gear, near the plane’s center of mass. Cockpit is equipped with a control paddle, and velocity and altitude displaying instruments. Whole cockpit is enclosed by a large clear canopy, complimenting the overall shape of the plane.

Although Blue Bull has an aerodynamic design, its mainframe’s strength is not compromised! Blue Bull is designed with agility, durability and playability in mind, so in case of an accident, the plane is sturdy enough to withstand any drop from the height up to 30 centimeters (12 inches), without any part breaking off. The model can be easily and carelessly swooshed by holding any part – main body, nose, wings, tail or even propeller.

Blue Bull is ready to take off and if it appeals to you so much that you can’t wait to grab it, start its engine and take it for a ride, then leave nothing to chance and support it – right now! I wish to extend a big THANK YOU to every supporter!