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Winter Old House’s Garden


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Winter Old House’s Garden

Hello everybody! I’m glad to introduce you my new project on LEGO Ideas.

I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours building this project with LDD, and several more rendering the different views, with the aim to see the appearance of both projects together. It’s been a lot of work, but at the same time it’s been very pleasant too. The main features are set forth below.


Main features

The garden mainly comprises a haunted forest, a gazebo, a small pond, and a stone bench.


Haunted Forest

The haunted forest comprises several unnerving trees between which are hidden many creatures (spiders, rats, an owl and a bat). The trees have been built one by one, so all they are different.



A narrow path through the dense forest leads towards a small pond located in the centre of the garden. In the middle of the pond there is a broken fountain. 



The gazebo has the same battered, wrecked and ruined aspect as the house, giving the impression that it is both old and abandoned (except for the cat wandering by the railing).




Three spiders.

Two rats.

A black cat.

An owl.

A bat.


I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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