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Barber and Gelato Shop



Want to get a haircut, or some nice creamy gelato? Well, you could do both! That is just one of the reasons why I think this would be a great LEGO set. And there are other things you can do, such as: The mailman drops off the mail, and the police officer gets a haircut. The set would also be a good addition to people's cities: another place for mini figures to hang out and have a good time. I would approach the set and box design with the thought of keeping it comforting and appealing.


The set comes with 5 mini figures:

  • Police Officer
  • Mail Man
  • Barber
  • Little Girl
  • Gelato Scooper

There is a mail box and a barber pole on the outside. In the barber shop there is a cash register, spinning chair, and a hairdryer. The floor in the barber shop is a black and white checkerboard design. The gelato shop has a cash register, popsicle, 1x1 stud pieces that represent cups, and a freezer with 3 different flavors of gelato: mango, chocolate, and cherry. The floor is a light blue and white checkerboard design. Outside both of the stores is a sidewalk, where I put several light grey 2x2 plates with a single stud on top, so you can put your mini figures there.  


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