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Jurassic Park T-Rex Paddock


Build perhaps the most iconic scene from the Jurassic Park franchise with this mid-sized set.

Large enough to pack plenty of goodness inside, but small enough to not kill your wallet, this build would be great for any Jurassic Park or dinosaur fan.


Pieces: 517

Minifigures: 5


- T-Rex fence

- 2x Ford Explorer

- Tyrannosaurus

- Alan Grant

- Ian Malcolm

- Donald Gennaro

- Lex Murphy

- Tim Murphy

- Night-vision goggles

- 2x signal flare


Well, I thought that the LEGO Jurassic World line was pretty good, but it wasn't John Hammond's Jurassic Park. So I decided to recreate the most iconic scene in Jurassic Park out of LEGO bricks, and this is what it turned out to be. 


I think this would make quite a good LEGO set, seeing that it includes two detailed vehicles, a Tyrannosaurus, and a bunch of minifigures, not to mention coming from one of the greatest movies ever made. (In my opinion.) Overall, I have quite high hopes for this project, please support, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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