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Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner


This is my Lego adaptation of the Mars Pathfinder probe and rover. This set is smaller and consists of 56 bricks and is relatively life sized to a Lego Minifigure. Pathfinder was the first rover to land on Mars and the fourth craft to touch down overall. The probe launched on December 4, 1996, and touched down on the red planet on July 4th, 1997  on Mars Ares Vallis. Sadly though, NASA lost contact with the rover on September 27, 1997.  Mission managers tried to restore full communications during the following five months, but the mission was terminated on March 10, 1998.   


This set features two parts. The Pathfinder probe with foldable solar panels and rotatable camera, and a little Sojourner rover. It’s more of a desktop model but for die hard space fans like myself, it’s a tiny iconic part in the Mars missions. (This set is also a sneak peek for my upcoming The Martian lego sets).


Link if you want to know more on Pathfinder:


Thank you for supporting this project and hope that your own projects make it to 10,000 supporters! Have fun building!