Product Idea

The Twist and Whirl - A Motorized Carnival Ride

A minifig scale carnival ride made in homage to one of my favorite rides as a child; The Tilt-A-Whirl. This ride has 8 cars that spin while the platform rotates. It is designed using a solar-gear in the center, with planetary gears around it. It could easily be motorized

Please view the following videos to see the ride in action:

This is a very basic model that demonstrates the ability to use a very simple gearing mechanism to create the thrilling movement of a carnival ride. The design of the cars, the platform, the fence, is all very basic, and can easily be customized and refined by LEGO designers. The largest incentive and value to the design is the gearing mechanics, and the theme of an amusement park ride. If you want amusement park sets with motion and mechanics, please support this one to let them know.

Thanks for your support in this design.,it could lead to a whole series of Carnival Rides which would be a perfect fit for Lego I think. Please provide any feedback or criticism in the comments area.

NOTE: This model is on display at the Longmont Museum until September 8th

This is a view of the platform and carriages with the roof removed.

Removing the platform reveals the solar gear planted in the center of the base-plate, and the tiled perimeter for the wheels that support the platform.

The bottom side of the platform reveals the 4 central planetary gears and subsequent gearing that drives the carriages as the platform rotates.

Having fun at the Lego Carnival