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Compact Titanic Model


The Idea:

Titanic is an iconic ship with an amazing and tragic story.  I lived in Southampton for 20 years and am descended from a crew member, so I have a personal connection.  It would be wrong of me not to try this!

Ships are not easy to build in Lego, on account of the curves, and fine details.  What we usually end up with is something "a bit boxy", or a huge model using thousands of bricks.  Or the third option, using one of those premolded hulls that Lego occasionally make.  

The design

As you can see, I've tried a different approach of using lego plates on their side to give a bit more flexibility so we can have a small model that still respects some of the lines of the ship.  I do have deck plans for Titanic (and Olympic) which I used to try and match the shape as closely as possible.  

I've left two holes on the base of the hull to allow for an easy detachable stand to be constructed for displaying the model.  


The model is 40 studs long, by 5 wide by about 9 bricks high (keel to funnel tops)
That's approx 320mm x 40mm x 85mm.  The original Titanic was 269m x 28m x 53m, so this is around 1:750 scale. 

Theoretically I should probably be around 10 studs longer and a row or two less tall, but I found it hard to make the funnels (and some other elements) look realistic at that size.  

Brick count is 508, using bricks available in the LDD, so hopefully nothing too quirky. I think it should make it at around the 40 Euro mark, in either the Creator or Architecture(!) themes.  

Changes and modifications I am considering.  

  • Obviously I need to make that stand ... although it's not that exciting.
  • I need to look at how to put a small angle onto the funnels so they lean back a few degrees.  It's a little bit tight for space where they join making it hard to use a hinge, and I don't want them to be loose.  
  • I'd like to go through the construction and reduce the brick count without changing the appearance, reducing weight and increasing structural strength.  I think it should be possible to achieve a 10-15% reduction without changing the appearance and, hopefully, simplifying the build a bit.
  • If there is interest I'll go ahead and obtain the bricks to build the model for real, which I'm sure will result in changes.  

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