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fire-bat spaceship VS. Dark fighter

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this ship is called the fire-bat, because if he flies with hyperspeed, he looks like a fire-ball and if you look from above it looks like a bat so fire-bat is his name.

-the ship can fly with hyperspeed
-the ship has room for one person with baggage
-the ship has 4 laser guns

the Fire-bat has 4 laser guns and with one of the best pilots of the world you only can call this ship THE BEST !!
one of the best pilots in the world called jonny fast is the pilot of THE fire-bat

the head engines can be used for every speed you want (from 0 km/h to lightspeed)

the dark fighter is the ship of the evil master: Gasman
he gave his ship a lot of heavy wapens

Jonny Fast is one of the best pilots in the world. his ship is called the Fire-bat

when he started as a pilot, he was a member of general po's star fleet. general po decided to give him his own ship, a lightfighter but soon he got al lot of money to create his personal ship : THE fire-bat

Gasman is an evil master who has lost his mind but still stayed very smart.

Before Gasman turned bad he was policeman but when he was captured and was hit by a gas bomb (way too strong) he could no longer breath and was no longer able to think.

the bucked-droids are the little helpers of gas-man. They have lasers in their eyes and can fly and let a computer crash with there foot-hand things.

the leader of the bucket-droids is an upgraded bucket-droid. He can fly better, see better, shoot and destroy better.

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