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Sebil (Sebilj) in Sarajevo


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country on Balkans. Heart of the country and it’s capital is Sarajevo, and heart of Sarajevo is Sebil (Sebilj in Bosnian). Sebil of Sarajevo dates from period of Ottoman Empire. Sebil, in general, is a fountain of specific shape at town squares. Most famous one is, of course, the Sebil in Sarajevo. It is one of the most famous buildings in Balkans, a symbol of Bosnian and Turkish culture in Europe and one of the most beautiful man-built landmarks in the world. And now it has it’s LEGO form!

About model

My building is built from 1812 bricks, but there is a variant exactly the same, only without baseplate (1727 bricks), because model itself is very stable. Model is made from 5 completely same walls and three mostly the same as the others, but one with attachment for the rooftop piece and other two with water taps. They are all conected with 1x2 hinge plates and sorted in a way that they create an octagonal shape. It's built in LDD extended, so it has some custom-colour bricks, used to make shade effects of brown and green.

I built Sebil because, since very first real-life landmark was made in LEGO, I saw lots of more or less famous buildings from around the world getting their LEGO form, but not a single one from my country or neighbouring countries, so I took an opportunity to make a very first LEGO Bosnian building. I think it would make a great LEGO set because of it's unique shape, odd but appealing set of colours, historic and social significance and of course-pigeons!

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