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RC 1:20 Tatra 815!

Tatra main Chassis and Dumper:

Tatra with UDS:

A TATRA like no other!

Build one of the most iconic Tatra trucks, the Tatra 815! Capture the classic, and the intricate inner works of the Tatra 815 in 1:20 scale. Drive it around in 4x6 mode, or display the drivetrain in 6x6! Steer the model to get around corners. 

There is a full 6x6 drivetrain powered by 2 xl motors. Steering is powered by an M-Motor, and the mechanism is simple. The suspension is Tatra, and it uses some interesting pieces to achieve a good range. The dumper and/or UDS is powered by an M motor, and the UDS has some manual functions as well such as extending and rotating/moving bucket.

The bucket and UDS are just 2 examples of awesome attachments that can go behind the cab. 

All in all, my Tatra 815 looks accurate, has lots of playability, and inspires creativity with the ability to add different attachments. It's great for ALL ages!

Thanks for reading and I hope you support the TATRA 815!


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