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Hero Factory - Omega Titan

The Omega Titan is a giant robot built mostly from Hero Factory parts.
I actually built this for a contest on YouTube, and when it was finished I thought "Why not put this on Cuusoo?"
So here it is. When I was starting to put the first pieces together I was thinking about how I should have watched Pacific Rim, and with the thought of giant robots going around my head I just decided to make a giant robot.

The photos may be quite blurry. This is due to the fact that I had to shrink them before uploading them because when you upload pictures to Cuusoo, it will zoom in and only show part of the creation.

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It has a jetpack, and the back is faily well covered.

One arm has a cannon, and the other is a hand with hinged fingers.

That tiny orange thing, is a Minifig.

Sorry if the quality of these photos is bad, I had to shrink them all down because when you upload photos to Cuusoo it will zoom in on only a section of the photo.

The torso is quite complicated, using lots of different bones for stability.

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