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Pirate Survival Island


A lonely pirate was stranded on an island with a mysterious skeleton, with only his cow to keep him company. He hid his treasure along with him on the island in hopes that some day, someone will find it.

It is made using a quite random sturcture for the base, with the blue pieces being placed in a way to make enough space to place the dock and cannon. It has a giant leviathan skeleton made out if only white pieces, giving a bit of sheltered space. There is a fishing line of which the length of the rope can be adjusted. There is a golden treasure chest in the rock formation containing diamonds and a giant tree in the centre with a crows nest and pirate flag on top.

I built this set to share ideas that I have with the rest of the world. This is also a little experiment to see how well sets do on LEGO ideas. If this does well, I will be putting another creation on here, which I believe to be much better than this one.

I believe that this would be a great lego set because this is bringing back old LEGO styles which haven't been released in years. I also believe that this is a generally good creation.

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