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The Starfighter


     This is the The Star Fighter. This Star Fighter will defeat anyone who is in his way and Its terror would be spread out all across the world! People who have the interest of Star Wars, fast vehicles, and design would love this idea. this set includes: 1 minifigure, and a vehicle. The vehicle includes: .G.P.S coordinates and 2 feirce missles. I hope everyone likes it! Also, this will be a Star Wars Micro Fighter. 

          I think this will be a Lego product because , I think the design will be good and people will like the minifigure. Also, this hope to be set has about 90-100 LEGO pieces. Lastly, LEGO fans, please comment good stuff, support. And, I hope you guys and girls like this hope to be set.                                                                  

                                                                                                             Thank you all, and please support!         

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