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Kai's Starblaster


Blast back the forces of evil with Kai's Starblaster! This set comes with Kai and his Starblaster. The Starblaster comes with two stud shooters on the top. This set has 140 pieces. If this set gets 2,000 supporters I will add a mini shrine with a sacred weapon to protect. If this set gets 5,000 supporters I will add an enemie and his vehicle. If it gets 8,000 supporters than I will add a second enemie and a vehicle for him. Reasons you should support this project:

  • If you like the design
  • If you like Ninjago
  • If you like Kai or any of the other ninja
  • If you want a starship-like vehicle

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Please support this project to help blast back the enemies of Ninjago!