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LEGO Triceratops


Sup guys, I'm back again with my Triceratops model. The base model for this one was my Stegosaurus model as you can see in the legs, if you haven't seen that one then check it out here, . It is based of the Triceratops that you first get in Jurassic World: The Game. For this model I wanted to move away from the greens, browns and beiges that I have used for my other models so I decided to go with grey, which to be honest is probably worse than the continuous use of the other colours but I think it works well for this dinosaur.

This Triceratops is built using 292 LEGO pieces which makes it slightly larger than most of my other models. The reason for these extra pieces is because I decided to go with the bulky, muscular look which took up quite a few pieces.

Thanks for checking out my project, if you enjoyed it check out my others and if you have any ideas for another project I could attempt post it in the comments and also if you have any improvements I could make to this one please tell me. Thanks again and bye.


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