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Brickheadz Astronautz: SpaceX Spacesuit


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Have fun building the SpaceX spacesuit!  Don't panic, it is not rocket (landing) science!

The launch and entry suit (a.k.a. "Starman Suit") by SpaceX was made using LEGO pieces in the Brickheadz theme! The spacesuit is for intravehicular activities (IVA) inside the Crew Dragin spacecraft during launch and descent (although it is also used outside a spacecraft- on the Starman mannequin driving Tesla around the sun).

This set was built to celebrate the beginning of the commercial spaceflight era. For diversity and inclusion, it contains a variety of spare parts representing different hair and skin colors. Yes, you can create your own astronauts! 

The set also comes with unique base plates featuring the Earth, SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, and Mars (SpaceX's ambitious destination!). The total part count is 344.

With all the detailed contours and features including the iconic helmet (the visor is made of a white 88067 and black or clear 88068), I believe that Brickheadz Astronaut"z" will be fun to build, customize, play, and a great addition to your LEGO space and Brickheadz collection. I hope you like this LEGO Idea.

Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in the new lunar exploration program "Artemis", please also consider supporting another creation of mine, 1:7 scale xEMU (Artemis Spacesuit).

Also, Brickheadz Astronautz: NASA Spacesuits is another Brickheadz creation featuring the NASA-made spacesuits. Hope you like and support these projects, too!

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