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Honda Prelude


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The 5th generation Honda Prelude was released in 1997, and versions included the 2.0l, the VTi, the Type S and the SiR. Production stopped in 2000

My LEGO Prelude has 121 bricks. It is 6 studs wide and 18 studs long. It's features include:

  • Front and rear number plates
  • Four seats
  • A steering wheel
  • A dashboard

If you have any suggestions of what I should build next, leave a comment. Also, if you like this, you should definitely see my other projects. Other Ideas members who build cool cars are: LegoBricker, LightningtigerLoneCoyote and StudTech. You should also see these people: JediPippin, Merida36 and TheLordOfBricks.

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