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The Red Steamer


There it is, the big red steamer, a 2-6-0 red steamengine. The train itself isn't baisd upon any other steam engine, but instead a combination of several aspects which together make the train. There is also tried to fit in as many details in the train as possible, such as:

 - All the wheels are linked by gears, but when the train drives you can also see the gears turn.
 - The wheels on the train are possitioned in such a way that it can turn freely without getting stuck.
 - The train drives on a 9v motor, but it is build so that it can fit the regular rc motor which is in all the city trains these days,         but the train can also be fitted with a lego technic motor just like the lego Emerald night. 
 - Inside the cabin there is also attention for details: 2 valves, break handle, a crane for the speed regulation, handle to blow the     whistle and several meters to watch the train, also you can see a chair for the driver and the door that protects him from the       fire behind it.
 - At the front there are 2 lights,  custom buffers and the rods on the side are closed in such a way that the system works, but         you don't see them come out at the front.
 - At the back of the train there are also custom buffers, a red tail light and a shovel for the coal.
 - The final and most characteristic detail has to be the big number 1 on the locomotive itself and on the coal wagon behind it.       This number is fully made out of lego bricks and only 1 brick thick

The set includes a driver and this one consists of around 950 parts. It has a length of 39 cm and a regular width of 8 studs.    
It is build on minifigure scale as you can see by the driver besides the train.    

I hope you all like it just as much as I do, 

With kind regards, Lookotje


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