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Casa De Blas


The Casa De Blas made by Alberto Campo Baeza is a brilliant exercise in architecture, consisting of glass box poised on top of concrete platform. It is situated on a hill to the southwest of Madrid, and the north it enjoys spectacular views of the Sierra. Its concrete platform emerges from the ground and creates an air of solidity. The glass box on top of the platform is a kind of watchtower, reached from inside the house.

The roof, a white steel expanse crowning the glass box, is supported by eight columns.

The glass shelter offers spectacular views of surrounding area.


The idea behind this project, is to enlarge the spectrum of LEGO-architecture with houses and villas from other maybe less famous architects. Thus I would like the LEGO-community to get to know more about them.

I like this house because of its minmalistic look and clean-cut. Whats also cool, it does have a pool on top of the concrete platform and underneath is the living area.

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