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Golden Spike Locomotive Set


There once was a time when the United states was in a state of recovery. Men had a dream of uniting East and West. A daunting trip that once took 6 months would soon take 7 days to travel coast to coast by iron rail. The Transcontinental Railroad was an amazing feat of American spirit and ingenuity. This Lego set would celebrate the the joining of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroad. This set would include the two locomotive captured in the historic picture taken on May 10th 1869. The Union Pacific's American style 4-4-0 #119 and the Central Pacific's American style 4-4-0 "Jupiter" both with working driving rods, neither locomotive is made with RC capabilities, or the prior 9v motor wheels. This set would also include to identical locomotive engineer minifigures, 8 segments of straight track, and a golden smooth stud to serve as the historic spike. Both these locomotives have elements of the "Emerald Night" locomotive, but modded slightly to resemble the American style 4-4-0 Locomotives. I would personally say this set is for a mid level building kit. I hope to see this kit become a reality so many others can build a piece of history!

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