Product Idea

Knuckle Crane Truck

Knuckle Crane Truck


2878 pieces, 5 M-Motor and 2 Xl- motors that control the following 9 functions:

- drive
- steering
- stabilizers (one control the pump, the other  control the valve)
- knuckle
- crane (raise, extension, rotation)
- dump

Other functions:
- fake v6 engine
- door with handle working
- tilt cabin

The red command of the remote control changes the function of the 3 black commands: in the first setting they controls the pump, the valve and the dump, while in the second setting they controls the crane (rotation, raising,extension).

The command of the knuckle is the same that control the drive; the function is switched when the stabilizers touch the ground.

Side view

Pneumatic stabilizers



Switching system

This system switch the function "drive" to the function "knuckle" using the same remote control command.
When the stabilizers touch the ground the Xl -Motor that control the function "drive" go in off because a changeover catch disconnects the mechanical transmission; in the same time a electric switch gives power supply to the M-Motor of the knuckle.

Under the cab

Disassembled (2878 pieces)


The video