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Ewok Protectors


For a long time I wanted to build a Lego set as my favorite FAVORITE part of Star Wars is the Ewoks. So I decided to show that in Legos. The whole set shows the Ewoks defending their village at a time of despair. I have created it like the forest moon of Endor with many leaf pieces on the tree and on the escape away I used different leaf pieces and different colored branches.

There is a tall tree that the Ewoks used to build a trap. The tree has a chain attached with a log on the other end that stretches across the forest ground and holds in place on the main build until its released. When released, it swings to take down the storm troopers.

On the main build, there are lots of rocks and wood to make it feel like the forest, moon of Endor. There's a slippery wood slide to give the Ewoks a quick escape from their enemies after they released the log.

There are many little details like a bucket full of water, plants and a speeder bike to give the storm troopers a ride their doom and maybe the ewoks will get a ride on it too!

The model also goes well with the set Ewok village number 10236. I hope you like my model. I worked on it for a long time.

Let the force be with you always