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Estanciera IKA


Replica of the model of Kaiser Institutes Argentina IKA Estanciera of the year 1965
In its first versions (until 1965) it was propelled by a Willys Continental 6-cylinder engine and a 3-speed gearbox, first levered to the floor and then to the steering wheel, and from 1965 began to equip itself with the engine Torino and the Gladiator , With which it greatly improved its performance. In all the range could choose the type of traction, since they were the traditional of rear traction and the four-wheel drive 4x4 from the year 1959.
There were three versions Rural, Furgon or Baqueano.

71,000 units were manufactured in the different versions, in the USA, more than 300,000 pickup trucks and their variants were built.

A curiosity of this vehicle was that the instrument (speedometer and odometer), as well as key lights and other knobs, was not located as in most vehicles, in front of the steering wheel, but was in the middle of the panel.

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