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Hi, and thanks for viewing my farm!

It has a country style and old style white vinyl house.

This set is large, detailed, and has great playability. It has a small main house which has a very small dining room, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms and small loft. The red barn is large, and it has farm tools/feed inside. It has a garden with squash, lettuce, beets, and corn, and tomatoes. The fenced-in part contains 2 goats and 3 horses. It also contains 1 dog and mini figure. To play you can, of course, use the house with enough room for mini figures, and the barn also. It has a total of 1,233 bricks. This set would be great with an added tractor. Discover how much fun farming is, in Lego form!

Please support, if you want a great playable farm as a possible Lego set!

You're support is hugely appreciated.

Also a huge thank you to LoneCoyote for rendering this set on Bluerender program!

Thank you,



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