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1920s Soda Fountain


In 1885 Charles Aderton of Waco, TX was the first man to make what is now a multi-billion dollar product, soda - Dr. Pepper to be exact. Soda is a liquid comprised mainly of carbonated water {clear brick} and syrup {brown brick} and served alone or over ice cream {a float}. My creation is set in the 1920s as noticeable by the brass levers and  nozzles, glass and wooden counters, and cabinets. The figure is also dressed in the men's dress of that era. 

After looking around on Lego Ideas it's not hard to see what's making the grade-Historical Events. So, I built one. It's important to know about important (and not so important) events in history, and people LOVE  Legos! So, I believe that by putting the two together, we could potentially create something awesome! We could 'make' history! All it takes are a few bricks, know how, and a couple thousand votes. Will you support my effort? 

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