Product Idea

Space Trip


I got my first LEGO set in 1985 at the age of 7 and since I've been a fan of Space, City and Castle themes.
It was while thinking about a way to connect these games between them that it came to me the idea to make this project.
Space Trip is a sensationally strong fairground attraction that mixes the Space and City themes.



Space Trip is built on a 48x48 green baseplate.

It produces a disorientation effect thanks to 2 inverted rotations and gives the sensation of movement in space by tilting forward.

It is motorized with 2 Power Functions engines.

The battery box is removable to facilitate the replacement of this one.

The movements are controlled with a remote control.

The crate is equipped with a microphone, a DJ turntable and the cashier welcomes and sells tickets to customers and turn on the attraction.

He is assisted by two team members who pick up the tickets and secure the entrance and exit doors.
At closing, they maintain and clean the attraction.

A teenager buys a ticket while a couple and their child is reluctant to go.


Number of parts with minifigs : 1720

Minifigs : 7

This model was built using LEGO Digital Designer.



Length: 38,3 cm
Width: 38,3 cm
Height: 24,4 cm


Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.

The Knights' Expedition

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