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Angry Girls: Socks Battle


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Hello to everyone!

I want to tell you about two Very Angry Girls: Mary-Ann and Mary-Jane. They quarrels and fights often and beat each other every day. One day they decided to build Giant Robots for fighting, and they did it! Two Giant girls turned out well. Our builders forgot their fights. They began competition: whose robot is the best, whose socks is more beautiful. Great Socks Battle Began!

If you want to play this game you must have:

Two Angry Girls

Two strong mobile Robo-girls.( I made their knees easy to uncoupled, for simple socks exchange)

Some square details for socks building

Some small details ( to make socks in Japan style for Minifigures)

Also you need brick separator (for easy play)

I`m always glad to think of new interesting idea for my daughter and for you. Thank You for your supports and feedbacks!

Good Bye!


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