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Lego Figs Train Station


All aboard and welcome to Figs Train Station 

I wanted to design a train station for my Lego city, and after looking at a few real life small English train stations such as Settle, Oxenhope, and Howarth I came up with this design. I think it captures the basics of what should be incorporated within a train station set. 

In this set you will find, a typical small station building with a triangle roof design like Settle, a foot bridge that connects both lines for the minifigs, a small shelter to protect you from the wind and rain, ticket machines, lamp posts, the all important clock,  rubbish bins, the station name " Figs" , and other little details like the ramp and train time table. 

originally this set was over 5500 parts however I realised I was limited to only 3000 so I made a few changes and I am pleased to say I am happy with the final design and think I have still captured the majority of items I wanted to.

I did have a train to sit at the station however it alone is 700 parts plus, so I didn’t include it within the final set. 



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