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Library Modular Building


Here it is!  The newest addition to the Lego Modular Buildings, a public library!  This two story building includes six mini-figures and would add a nice touch to any modular town.

 The outside is a mix of modern and classical architecture, and the side-walk features a cute shady tree and bicycle rack.  The first story has four little bookshelves and a circulation desk, not to mention a working elevator.  The alley-way behind holds a green dumpster and colorful graffiti on the stone wall.  The second story displays a black marble statue and a big bookshelf with lots of books for your mini-figures to read.

There is also a large skylight in the ceiling and a computer desk with a balcony off to the left. I believe that this would make a good Lego set for three reasons: one, the modular building series is a favorite of mine and probably many others. Two, this library is based off of two of my favorite libraries that I have been to over the years. Three, the modular series is missing out on one of a town's most treasured buildings, inviting old and young alike, to come, sit down, pick up a book, and have a good time.   


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