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Street Madness


"Cool kid"  and "Rich guy" finally team up! After long fight against each other they finally unite to fight for your laughs!

This is the set that I and my brother were always missing in stores. We believe that our life is not filled with just super-heroes or villains, but have someone "in-between". This set can be used to update your Lego collection by adding some spicy characters into it. Truth is, our life today has so much diversity, so Lego should also resemble that. 

In addition, it can be given as a gift for adults if you consider them to behave little bit like our heroes. We are sure that everyone no matter the age or culture will have a big laugh if they get it as a present and this is what Lego was doing for years.

The set includes our two awesome characters with their weapons (brush and microphone). In addition, they have their vehicles, which are a motorcycle and a hover board respectively! Furthermore, they own a super-fast truck that takes them to adventures.  You can use them for jokes, collecting, playing, pranks and a lot of other things. We hope that you will enjoy our little project and with your support we hope to have it in manufacturing in no time. Thank you very much for your support.


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