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Seagoing Rescue Cruiser


We head out to sea when others seek safe haven!
(maxim of the people working for the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association)

The “Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger” (DGzRS) or German Maritime Search and Rescue Association, is one of the most modern sea rescue services in the world. As a SAR service, they are on call around the clock in the North and Baltic Sea in all weathers – with a fleet of about 60 SAR cruisers and boats.

Up to 2019, the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association rescued approximately 85,000 people. In 2019 it saved 81 lives, rescued 270 people from critical situations and carried out 373 medical transports – and helped about 3.400 people in total. The DGzRS is entirely financed by membership fees, private donations and legacies.

The DGzRS operates 59 vessels at 55 stations in the North Sea and Baltic. 20 of which are seagoing rescue cruisers (German: Seenotrettungskreuzer) between 20 m and 46 m of length and 39 vessels are classified as rescue boats (German: Seenotrettungsboote). One feature of the cruisers is that all carry a fully equipped small daughter boat on deck which can quickly be released through a gate in the aft for conducting operations in shallow waters.

My LEGO Ideas project represents the “Bremen”, a seagoing cruiser of the 27.5 m class. These cruisers are currently replaced by more modern vehicles. But from my point of view the 27.5 m class cruisers are the most beautiful ever built. My LEGO model has a high level of detail including a small daughter boat that can be released through a gate in the aft.

If LEGO will commercialize this model I would donate all credits and compensations to the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association.

This model measures in at 47 cm L x 10.5 cm W x 32 cm H.

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