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Presidental plane


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Added liferafts

Added liferafts

I added 2 packed inflatable liferafts, 2 survival kits, 2 signal lights, 2 liferafts with oars and 12 liferafts.

The packed liferafts are thought to inflate into liferafts with oars and signal beacons. The oars are thought to be folding. The packed liferafts with signal lights and survival kits are placed in the passanger cabin and in the cockpit. In a case of a forced water landind, the passangers can leave the plane via this liferafts then survive and summon saviors via added equipment.The control panel in the cockpit is removed to give space for the new equipment.



The passangers also have lifevest as appropriate. The lifevests canot be really storaged in the plane under the seats or anywhere else because of the space problems.

There is also a golden issolation blanket.



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Added an example for the stickers: the Goverment logo

STICKER IDEA: The Goverment logo

Some of you asked for some stickers (read comment). I decided to make an example for the Goverment logo. The logos can be placed all across the plane. Here is an example for the tail.

The logo is made via LDD and PowerPoint.

There was also a change on the tail itself.




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Presidential plane: alternate improved version




I got a comment asking for the conference room and more exclusive furniture and seats. Actually, a conference room and more exclusice furniture and seats were planed at first, but this wasn't reallized because I tought it may affect the plane proportions and give too much weight and affort for the landing gear. Later, I made some measurement and real life plane comparisons and decided to give it a try. I designed an alternate improved extended version of the plane. Many new features are added and some design issues are solved because I also learned how to use some tools in LDD.



1. THE MINIFIGURES: There were some changes on the minifigures. The suit color and the skin color of some politicians are changed. President's medal of office is now completely golden. Also, a new minifigure is added: the plane captain.

2. THE FUSELAGE: The plane fuselage is now longer for more interior space. There are some communication devices added on the roof.

3. THE LANDING GEAR: Because of more weight the landing gear is reinforced with some new wheels.

4. THE COCKPIT: The accessories and one of the control panels behind the seats are removed. The remaining panel behind the seats is changed. Also, a seat for the captain is added. His seat can be removed to side. Cockpit windscreen issue is now fixed.

5. KITCHEN-SECURITY-CREW CABIN: The digital clock is removed. The kitchen is completely changed. Now it has a sink, a coffee machine, two mugs and a chest of drawers with some cookies (the brown flat round tiles) and some peanut bags (the red flat tiles). Classic plane kitchen. :)

6. THE LAVATORY: The lavatory is now removed to a new location. Now it has more room, a bigger door, a bigger toilet bowl, a wash basin, soap (the yellow part) and a hand drier. The issue with the hair, caps and hats is now solved.

7. THE PASSANGER CABIN: The passangers now have more exclusive seats with headrests. The TV, the wash basin and the computer are removed. There is only one big screen TV placed on the wall now. The former lavatory is converted into a lugage storage. There is a attachment for the laptop placed at the place where the wash basin was.

8. THE CONFERENCE ROOM: This new room has a big conference table with newspapers and other documents, seats for politicians and a safe for documents. There are three seats for politicians and one big seat for the president.

9. THE PRESIDENT'S OFFICE: Mr. President now has a little bit smaller office. The new office still has a desk, a screen, a plant and a seat (even more comfortable), but the safe is replaced into the conference room.

10. CABINS FOR GUESTS AND JOURNALISTS: Sadly, even the plane is bigger now there is no space for the guest and journalist cabins. It's thought that the screen in the presidents office could also contain a web cam for giving interviews and communicating with other politicians, authorities ang goverments. The dome over the office is thought to be an antenna for this kind of communications.

11. THE TAIL: The tail contains a flight recorder. Its colors are now redesigned.

12. OTHER FEATURES (red carpet, boardind stairs, presidential car itd.) remain the same.




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