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The Polar Express


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   The Polar Express was a book written by Chris Van Allsburg published in 1985. In 2004, Warner Bros. Studios and acclaimed film director Robert Zemeckis took the book and made one of the most popular Christmas films of all time named, yep. You guessed it, The Polar Express. Much of the set took inspiration for the Lego City train sets, as you will find many familiar similarities between this set and the City trains. The set would include the famous 2-8-4 berkshire steam locomotive that everybody has grown and loved from the film. The locomotive's tender would carry the Power Functions that would drive the train around the line, which would include the rechargeable battery box & power adapter, the IR receiver, Dual Power Functions Train Motors for extra power, and the IR Speed Controller to control the speed of the train on it's journey. 2 passenger cars are next in line. The outside of both cars are same with simulated snow on the roof and yellow tinted windows to simulate light inside the cars. The inside of the cars have scenes replicating those seen in the movie. The Abandoned Toy car, the train car positioned at the front of the train, has Lego microfigures to replicate the puppets found in that car. Behind that car is just a normal passenger car with 3 seats to seat you minifigures. Finally is the lonely observation car, where Billy from the poor end of town sits all by himself. The back end of the car has a rounded platform to replicate the one seen in the film.

         There are 8 minifigures in this set: Hero Boy, Hero Girl, Billy, The Know-it-All kid, the Conductor, the Hobo, Steamer the Engineer and Smokey the Fireman. Also included is a loop of track with a tunnel and siding for your train to run around. The Siding also has an end of siding stop similar to the one found on the one in the indoor turntable about 3/4 into the film.

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