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Robot Creation Lab!


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Welcome to Dr. Weirdenstein's Robot Creation Lab! With help from his son, Timmy, Dr. Weirdenstein has finally achieved his dream of creating artificial life in the form of self-aware ROBOTS! Even so, the experiment is always evolving, and so are Dr. Weirdenstein's robots! Fortunately, the lab has enough parts to make many different kinds of robots, and the parts are all interchangeable! So far, Dr. Weirdenstein has been able to craft the Judi-Bot, the Bob-Bot, and the Helper-Bot 3000--all from the same basket of interchangeable parts. Help Dr. Weirdenstein find all the possible combinations to discover the ultimate robot creation!

The Robot Creation Lab comes with a basket of interchangeable robot parts, the laboratory, a few tools and some lab equipment, the robot-controlling helmet, Dr. Weirdenstein and Timmy, and plenty of storage space for miscellaneous robot parts! The whole set is only 118 bricks total, but the possibilities are limitless!

In the images, you can see the laboratory, the robot parts included in the set, a selection of three robots that you can make from the basket of parts, and Dr. Weirdenstein with his son Timmy! (Please also see the LDD image of the laboratory as the rendering had a little trouble with the metallic and transparent colors.)

If you like this set, please support the project with your vote and leave a comment! And if you are interested, please also check out my other Lego Ideas projects (especially the UPDATES!): (Jim Henson's Labyrinth the Movie) (Ringed Planet with Moon!) (Water Lily) (Autumn Tree) (Tiny Planet Project) (Forecast Cubes!) (Transparent Support Set) (Adventures in Space!)

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