CJ7 Jeep

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The 1986 CJ7 Jeep, a reminder of the 80's. It is a well built model and original. With all its features, it is a realistic model!

The fount wheels turn and you steer them from the back, right under the spare tire. You can even put the spare tire on the steering pole, and use it to turn the front wheels. Its windshield flattens down on the hood like the original one did, while the roll bar is sturdy and could withstand a wreck.

Its interior has a steering wheel with a horn, multiple dials, rear view mirror AC vent, radio, glove compartment, pedals, stick shift, and center armrest. It also has windshield wipers, opening doors, and side mirrors on the outside.

You can remove the hood to reveal an engine that is somewhat realistic. The hood pops right off, but does not fall off if you drive it around.