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Animal Patrol


Animal Patrol

It is 2034 in Lego City and stray cats have started to take over certain areas. The problem started when several cats decided to have secret families. Cat families are large, and on average had over eight members. The population of cats without shelter skyrocketed. The city decided it was time to help the cats that did not have a place to live.

Animal Patrol’s mission is to find cats or dogs and bring them to the pet adoption center. The pet adoption center works to place cats and dogs with families that will take care of them. The city hopes the adoption program keeps cats out of trashcans and out of the path of moving vehicles. The cats are caught by Dave, the only Animal Patrol officer for the city.

As you can see in the pictures, Dave uses a blue net to catch cats. Once he catches the cats, he places them in the cat hold wagon attached to his patrol vehicle. When Dave arrives at the adoption center to drop of cats, he can detach the wagon. His vehicle can be used for other official city business if needed. There are also bigger wagons that Dave can attach in case of catching bears or mountain lions.

Notice that the patrol vehicle runs on clean fusion technology. This reduces the cost to operate the vehicle over the course of a year when compared to a traditional fuel like gasoline. The animal hold wagon and patrol vehicle both utilize easy access features. The easy access features help Dave capture and hold more cats so they can find great homes.  

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