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Endurance, Interstellar


The Endurance a space station that is used in interstellar, is what idea i decided to submit for lego ideas. The scene I have captioned with this model is when the endurance blows up on one side and is left with ten sections of twelve ( as seen in my build). I have also added a "to scale" version of both the lander and the ranger which alos used throughout the movie and scene that the model is based off.

If this were to be a set. I would not recommend it only having ten sections, and instead be built befroe the explosion and scene. I have only based mine off this scene cause it is my favourite part of the movie. This build is also quite flimsy without the black disc that goes under the endurance.

This build is 55cm in diameter, and would be a wonderful set for any collector. This set would cost hopefully $180, cheaper if possible ;)

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