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The Batpod

I am proud to present my own Batpod! The batpod is a vehicle used by Batman in the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. The Batpod can be deployed from the back of Batman's tumbler. It is basically a motorcycle, but with some very unique design elements, like guns on the front and a half-lying steering pose. One of it's popular abilities is to turn 180 degrees by driving onto a wall, then swivelling the back wheel and dropping the pod back on it's front end, facing the other way. It is used by Catwomen in the Dark Knight Rises.


I included the Batman figure from Batwing Battle, Twoface Chase, and Arkham Breakout.

Oh, and, "It's not what you look like, but what you do that defines you."

Front View

Side view with no driver.

My Batpod includes just 50 pieces. (The piece at the top is a 2x2 with an inverted slant)

50 supports: I will improve the pod a little.
500 supports: I will add another vehicle to make the project more set-like. (the Batpod, the hunt for Ra's a ghul, maybe)
1000: You guys pick!
5000: I'll try to make a tumbler that can hold the Batpod in it! Try, mind you.
10000:I'll throw a big party at my place! :)

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Submitted: January 11, 2013
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Project created by Wilbrick999!

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