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Batman World - The Night Patrol

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*** Batman World - The Night Patrol - The storyboard ***
As night falls, a yellow and dark distress signal tears the sky apart, a means of summoning help : our hero is called.
Brave and bold, our hero is riding his new batcycle : the Bat Dark
Beyond being all-armed, this new Batcycle encloses at his heart, the wildest animal spirit ever known - A perfect weapon of psychological intimidation to the numerous villains of Gotham City.

Streets will be keeping safe, the night patrol can start.

*** My MOC, mini scale spirit ***
Here it is my personnal revisited version of the Batcycle and Bat Signal.
As for the Batcycle, I wanted it : wild, fast & furious, all-armed, possessed, almost alive.
As for the Bat Signal, I wanted it : high tech, 360° dirigible (up and down), and "seatible".
*** Thanks, Take care, Kiseng ***

Sirens of alert rings at Gotham ...
Commissioner Gordon : I better activate the bat signal, power on !
But no need to panic, our hero is always on watch for the Bat Signal.

Time for the new batcycle to enter the game : Fast & Furious, all-armed... don't enrage the beast inside.

Only our hero is able to dominate such incredible wild mount.
Batman : Something is going wrong at Gotham, let's see where the Bat signal conducts us, GO GO GO !

Gotham streets will be keeping safe, the night patrol can start.

To be continued ...

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