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Science Classroom


science classroom


   This is a science classroom.  There are two minifigures.  The first is a student with a braid, a red shirt, and white pants.  The second is a teacher with a mustache, a vest, glasses, and blue pants.

   There is lots of science things in the room.  On one table there is a bone and a faucet.  On the other table there is a fish tank and a beaker.  In one corner there is a plant.  In another corner their is a measuring device.

   There are two chairs which can turn.  There is also a student desk and a teacher desk.  On the teacher desk there is an apple.  The walls are white, and on them is a window which can open and a painting of a boat.  The floors are checkered.


   I decided to do this project because I like science.  I think if kids buy this they will like science too.  Something that they like might help them learn to like something they do not like.  Please support my project.  Every vote counts!

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