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Amon-hen is one of the most famous landmarks of middle-earth. Here was the first meeting of the heroes with the Uruk-Hai There was a split in the brotherhood. Here was the last battle of Boromir... This set will make every fan of the Lord of the Rings to cry, remembering the moment of death of the hero. A great many details, 6 minifigures, treasure, will make this set the perfect gift for anyone.The kit includes:
1. 6 minifigures from the Lord of the rings characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Lurtz and 2 warriors Uruk-Hai.
2. A large number of parts, from which you can gather not only an exact copy of the top of Amon hen, but a lot any other ideas. Be creative!
Here you can recreate favorite moments from the film, to find ancient artifacts, and just admire the beauty of the creations of the ancients.

The fellowship of the ring was in a remote border land of Gondor, where they suddenly attacked a detachment of well-trained Uruk-Hai. Boromir and the hobbits cornered. Boromir wounded. Can Aragorn save commander of Gondor ? Or commander of Isengard will fulfill your destiny before? You decide...

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