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Turbine test lab


I'am happy to introduce you to my new project. The turbine test laboratory.

With this set, I try to play with modern technology to connect. I hope you like my idea.

I don't have a lot of Lego bricks. That's is Version 1.0 of this idea.

What is needed in a lab? Good employees. I have a team composed of a mechanic, a physicist and a turbine scientist. The team are currently working on a new aircraft turbine.

What does it Need too? Modern work areas with computers for testing and data collection.I have built two areas. One for the evaluation and a modern control area. In addition, some safety displays, alarm lights and emergency stop switch.

Nothing works right from the start. Therefore, can be found on another table the necessary tools.

You can remove all test connections and build yourself your own turbine and then test. So it is even for new turbine scientists.

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