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New 52 Harley Quinn


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If this set becomes a reality, 50% of my profits will be donated to The Hero Initiative.


Harley Quinn.
The Clown Princess of Crime.
Mista J's right hand gal.

You love her, I love her, we all love her.

It's high time we had a minifigure representing her more recent attire change as part of "The New 52" DC Comics Reboot.

This proposed minifigure also comes with a big ol' hammer, Harley's favorite, and a minimech suit, playfully named "Puddin'".


10/28/13 - 25 Supporters! Thanks to everyone's that's supported!
3/7/14 - 50 Suppporters! Thanks again everyone, let's keep the train a rollin'!
3/10/14 - (New) 52 Supporters! It's only fitting that this project celebrates this milestone.

New 52 Harley Quinn minifig

Puddin' minimech suit. (shown with dummy Harley minifig)

The rear of the mech, with a holder for Harley's hammer.