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Tweety Bird


"I Tawt I taw a puddy tat!"

This famous yellow canary who took the world by storm could soon be a Lego set- It's up to you!

Inspired by the Looney Tunes series, this set would feature the one and only Tweety, in a fully articulated Lego design. It could also include Sylvester for hilarious chases around your own home! If you love the Looney Tune's wacky world, support this set!

The Tweety model is 18cm high and is built to look as much like tweety as possible- from his wings to his cheeks! His adorable eyes can be replaced to make him look angry and can have multiple stances. You could have him in an actual bird cage, next to a hungry looking Sylvester plotting ways to capture the sneakily innocent bird.

Please support this set for a brighter future where Lego Looney Tunes exists!


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