LEGO Hardsuits

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Have you ever wanted a something a bit more suitable for your Post-Apocalyptic war scene? Ever wanted a fiercer looking minifig to carve up his enemies? Well now you can have all this (when the project reaches 10,000 supporters, and gets past the review)!

This could come as a kit of more than one so you could build up your collection, or you could buy a single one to give your city that extra something! The suits would be about $20 each and would come with a figure, his/her suit and a few attachments. What are attachments you ask?

With the Hardsuit Back System (HBS) you can attach anything you like to the back of the hardsuit! This includes rockets, rocket launchers and jetpacks! Or if you think that it is fine as it is then you can just leave it. There are some more examples of the HBS below.

This is an example of the Jetpack attachment using the HBS.

This is an example of the Rocket attachment using the HBS. Also the blue stud in the middle is the 'power core.' A bit like Iron Man the power core powers the entire suit and all of the attachments.

I hope you like this idea and I also hope you vote for it? To see my Flickr page and more photos then go here!

If you have any comments and questions please post them to the comments section!

Thanks for viewing!