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Toyota FJ

This Toyota FJ which is one my top 5 dream cars (w/c includes the Hummer, Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler, and Suzuki Jimny). Way back in back college, I always dream of having my own but since I can only try hard getting a Jimny now and traffic in the Philippines is so terrible, I ended up buying or making Lego models instead for my collection. I also dedicate this to a good friend of mine who owns this awesome SUV and who also makes the effort of bringing my purchased Lego sets from the US.

I got inspired on how Lego's are built these days. From the realistic looking batmobiles, muscle cars and a few of my favorite speed champion cars that I collect. I decided to create SUV's instead since I only see a few and I'm hoping to contribute to the Lego community as well. Plus, it so happens I have enough parts to make this model.

Theres too much sports cars! Lol It's time for the popular big cars/trucks to shine as a speed champion version. I guess, we can name these sets as "Offroaders'" instead. Who knows, kids might enjoy to play with these more on sand, rough or dirt.

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