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Sue Thomas: F.B.I. Eye


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  Based on the TV show from the early 2000s, Sue Thomas: F.B.I. Eye is a remarkable story about a young deaf woman who works for the F.B.I.  The show captures her successes and failures along with all the witty humor and warmth you can handle!  This show is actually based on the true story of the real Sue Thomas.

Basic Info:

  This is a medium-sized set.  Approximately 130 pieces (including Minifigures)

Basic Model Description:

  This set includes all of the main characters: Sue, Lucy, Jack, Bobby, Myles, Tara, and Demetrius.  It also includes part of their office along.  Some of the objects in the room are three desks (Sue's, Lucy's, and Jack's) topped with computers, lamps, and paperwork and a potted plant.

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