Product Idea

Nasa Spacecraft

project update


just want to let you know the project was updated a bit, over the last year i've learnt a few new techniques which ive used to update these models 

Im back


been a way for quite some time but im now back, thank you all for your support i never would of thought id of even got past 100 votes 



thank you everyone for the support, thanks to you guys we are half way there

Its been a while


hey all, thanks for all the support on this project, i am now back and working on new projects, however i have updated the logos on each of the display pieces to include the mission patches

this idea was suggested by




We did it! We have begun our year long mission to reach and exede expectations, and non of this would of happened if not thanks to you first 1000 supporters 




500 in 11 days,

Thank you to everyone who has supported this far



thank you to the first 100 supporters, thank to you this project has a whole year to gather support, i wish i could see everyone whom supported me thus far so i could make a list here in this update, but thank you everyone

changes to the Discovery shuttle


just done some slight changes, fixed the scale of the fuel tank and booster

We're Live!


now that the project is live i will starting working on some improvents and work on creating the prints/stickers, i also have started to redesign the viking 1 a bit as there are some things im not to happy about

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